Most LCD screens on modern laptops are screwed into the bezel with small screws. You must use a small screwdriver to remove them and carefully pry the screen off of the bezel. Once you’ve removed the LCD, lay the new one face down and connect the cables with the old ones. Then, place the new screen in the frame pieces on the sides. Secure the new screen with three screws on each side and top.

The most common screen component on a laptop is the LCD Matrix. This is the part that shows the colors on the screen. It consists of two glass substrates and contains liquid crystals. The pixels are chemically printed on these glass planes. Each pixel includes three transistors called sub-pixels. When a light source is applied to an LCD screen, the sub-pixels reorient like window blinds.

If an LCD screen is cracked, it’s most likely that the liquid crystals are no longer functioning. This is because the liquid crystals in the display contain a crack that spreads the ink throughout the screen. This leak causes the liquid crystals to pool and turn black. As a result, these cracks are unrepairable. A laptop repair shop may not have a solution for this problem.

If a broken LCD screen is difficult to remove, you can purchase a replacement one. You can buy a replacement screen for your laptop from an authorized parts dealer. It costs around $50 to $250. OEM replacement screens may cost more. Sometimes, laptop manufacturers don’t sell replacement screens directly to end-users, but they sell them from computer parts retailers and auction sites. If you cannot find a replacement screen, you can purchase a used one from a local computer store.

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LCD laptop screens are more affordable than LED models for repairing costs. The replacement cost can be as low as $30. On the other hand, LED screens can cost as much as $200. This is because LED screens use a higher energy-efficient LED. 

They’re often more expensive than LCD screens, so it’s better to stick to the lower price. If you’re unsure, you can always consult with a repair professional.

While replacing a broken LCD screen is relatively easy, you may be unsure how to replace it. This may sound intimidating, but it’s worth trying it if you don’t feel confident with your skills. If you’re unsure how to fix a laptop screen, you can use a few tips to guide you. This article is intended to help you determine whether to repair the screen yourself or take it to a professional.